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February 2013


This is Eddie, he was born missing a little piece of his puzzle. It happened "de novo", which means for no reason. Both parents were tested and we did not carry the gene, sometimes these RARE things just happen! We are so thankful for our precious Eddie Jett---Awareness helps create more research :) happy National Rare Disease Day!!!

(This was posted on my daughter Skylar's f/b site)  We love our little angel!


Dang it...I've gone and done it now---you know when you try to remodel one part of your house, and you have to keep changing things all over because everything that was previously there no longer matches??  

I am experiencing an Interior decorating snow ball this winter, but  I can't wait to get my new kitchen floor installed.  I'm pretty sure my old floor is vintage now.  I am totally serious.  It was new in 1986, I kid you not!

How a new kitchen floor ended up affecting the color of my couch throw pillows, and the shade of the paint in the hallway, that is two rooms away, is  baffling to me though!!  


I'm getting bundled up and heading out to have my mug shot taken for my replacement licensee, since mine was stolen with my wallet last week.  

Two days ago, I had shopped in Target for over an hour with two of my very sweet, but very overtired grand babies.  Thirty minutes of that hour was spent in the dollar isle, where my  3 year old grandson, Landon,  had to look at every toy or curious gadget.  I am a sucker for little men in tiny blue glasses, so I let him pick out several treasures that he just could not live without.

I had his sister Clara Jane, who is just a year and a half, with me as well, and forgot to bring in her sippy cup filled with chocolate milk.  We had several,  shopping-cart- fall-aparts, because of that mistake.  

Landon wanted to be my big helper and push the cart, but his forehead came to the exact same level as Clara Jane's fashionable snow-bunny boots, and she kept kicking him in the head.  He began to squall, as Clara Jane demonstrated toddler sibling rivalry at it's finest.  

I finally got to the check out, with over $200.00 dollars worth of groceries, (and toys) and remembered that I did not have my license, or a credit card one.  They would not take my check.  I broke out into a cold sweat, as I pulled Landon away from a, "just one more toy" moment, (Angry Birds are really popular, and it was great strategy on Target's part to place them, precisely within a toddler's grasp, near the check out.)

Just before I had a toddler melt-down myself, I realized that I had just gone to the bank to put my husband's check in, and had enough cash to dole out for my goods.

Oh how I longed for the, "Little House On The Prairie," days.  The days when half-pint would stroll past the creek, and through the swaying wheat field, to the general mercantile store to pick up salt pork, and sorghum molasses for Ma, who was back at the homestead gathering fresh eggs in the barn.

I was exhausted by the time I got everything loaded into my car.  I had to smile though, as I looked in the rear view mirror, to see my two, precious, little half-pints, each with a fantastic dollar isle toy in their tiny hands, fast asleep in their car seats within five minutes after pulling out of the Target parking lot. 


It has rained the entire day and temperatures are near freezing outside.  Since I did not have to work, I made it a, fuzzy socks wearing, favorite quilt cuddling, candles lit, movie Monday.

I just watched, "A Good Woman."  It was excellent.  And what an incredible role Helen Hunt played.  Scarlett Johansson is one of my favorite actresses, as well.  She is gorgeous, gorgeous, and I didn't even know that she could sing until last night during the Oscars.  The song, "Before My Time," that was in the ice documentary, was just mesmerizing.  I have listened to it and watched the video several times today.  Her voice and the footage compliment each other perfectly.  Amazing song.

I am getting ready to pop some popcorn, and go on to round two, with the film, "Hitchcock," which also stars, Scarlett Johansson.  It looks extremely intriguing.  His movie, "The Birds," was the first flick that I remember scaring the bejesus out of me when I was a child.  He had a demented mind...and I love it!

Let it rain, let it snow---I am having a double feature, movie  Monday!


I'm rooting for the tiger from, "The Life of Pi," to receive the award for, Best Supporting Actor---(that didn't eat his c0-star.)

Pretty sure that gorgeous, powerful cat just about pounced on Ross Matthews during the pre-show on "E".  The trainer was freaking out, as he tried to get him back in his cage.  I was on the edge of my couch!

I'm certain, "The Life of Pi," and "Les Miserables" will be the top award winners tonight.  We saw them both...amazing movies.

In the animation category, I hope, "The Rise of The Guardians" does well.   I took the kids to see it---total eye candy.  It was a sparkling, on screen delight.

Probably the moment that I'm most excited about though, is seeing Bradley Cooper walk the red carpet in his tuxedo.  He is also a sparkling, on screen delight~

Love the Academy Awards.  


Have you ever heard the saying, "no good deed goes unpunished?"  Well, I just about had a pound of flesh taken out of me yesterday, while trying to do a good deed.

We had an unfortunate family, here in our small community, whose house burned down on Christmas day.  They have three children all in elementary school and younger.  My sister Shannon is doing a great service by acting as the project manager , to have their home completely rebuilt at no cost to them.  She has recovered from breast cancer, and surgery this past year, and vowed to give back when she was strong enough.  Our town came together in a huge way to support my sister when I put together an auction and concert fundraiser for her during her time of illness.  My sister  is my hero, and even though she is still having issues with her health, because of some of the treatments she underwent, she stayed true to her word.  She is an incredible example of strength and faith.

Well, I called her to see what I could do to help.  I can't go out and hang dry wall, or do much of the hands on stuff at the building site, because I have my grand babies so often.
My sis let me know that one need was for someone to pick up their laundry and do it, as the family is living in a fifth wheel trailer, and has no way to wash clothes.  This was the job for me, I thought.  

She warned me about the big, mean, dog that was tied up to the flat bed trailer where the bags of laundry were sitting, but  assured me that it could not reach the end of the trailer---that it was on a short leash, but always tried to "attack her" when she went out to the place.

I pulled up to the site and popped the hatch on the back of my vehicle.  Man, that dog was mad at me---and HUGE.  I'm sure he is a pit bull mix of some sort.  Taller than a pit though.  I'm not usually afraid of dogs, but this one made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  As soon as I stepped out of my car it began to lunge, bark furiously, and growl, baring it's teeth.  I pried one bag of laundry, that was frozen to the tailer, off, threw it in my cargo hold, and headed back for another.  I had to take one step to the side of the flat bed to try to manhandle another bag that was filled half way with snow.  When I did, the dog came charging, full speed around the side I was standing.  Just before it was about to  to lay into the meat of my thigh, I jumped out of the way and ran for it.  I yelled something, (that's probably best not to repeat) as I slipped in the mud, and made it back to my vehicle.  Since it hadn't bit me yet, I decided it was safe to turn around.  When I did, big boy was still  barking and lunging at me.  He was trying his best  to get free and come "join" me.  My legs were like Jello.  Some one must have re-tied him which gave him enough rope to get to the very end of the tailer...right where I was standing.

Needless to say, I only retrieved one bag of soggy laundry to do.  I called my sister and told her that I was really excited to help, but they were  going to have to get rid of the junk yard dog before this merry maid came back.  

It's been 24 hours...I think it took 12 hours for my legs to stop shaking, and I'm able to laugh about it with my sis now.  


I'm sitting in the back of the house, and smell the pancakes that Forrest is making for us.  I can also hear the scratchy, muffled song, "Jambalaya (On The Bayou),"  that he's playing on his I-Phone.  He is, to my utmost delight, obsessed with Hank Williams right now.

I close my eyes for just a second.  I have never felt more like I was five years old, then just before I turned six,than I do right now.

It is amazing how certain scents or songs can fly you right back to a memory in no time. 

Wonderful, heart tugging memories of the past, conjured up unknowingly, by my nineteen year old son~~


Good morning everyone!

Yesterday we had a big, fast gathering, snow storm.  This morning, I woke up to a major thunder storm with lots of rain---it's suppose to be sixty degrees and full sun on Sunday!

Will Rogers definitely hit the mercury nail on the head when he said, "If you don't like Oklahoma's weather, just wait a minute."


I usually try to be all cheery, and positive.  Self serving, pity parties are just not my thing. Well, sorry folks,  here comes a Dennis Miller-ish rant!

Woke up to our first lovely snow of the season.  It usually snows by early December in our neck of the Oklahoma woods, but we've had a dry winter.  I think it might just be a magical, crystal, dusting over the landscape ,since school was not called off, so I skiddadle off to work whistling a happy tune. The students were in frozen, freak out mode. They all wanted to be out in it.  I eventually get the class I was sub-ing for under control, and pulled away from the cold windows. 

Within a few hours my husband calls my cell to  let me know that he slid off the road in his U.P.S truck, but he was ok.  Literally, as I'm speaking to him, telling him that he needs to be ready to bail out of it in case someone else comes down the same hill, out of control, he starts yelling, "OH MY GOSH, oh gosh, a semi's coming!!!!"  I freak out, and am frantically telling him to get out of the way!  It was like he was running from a bomb that was ready to go off, while we were on the phone!

His truck gets smashed into a tree and pushed up in the air, but thankfully, he  got out of the way of the  fuel tanker that railed into his truck---yes, a fuel tanker!  He assured me that he was ok, but that still didn't help me from thinking what could have happened.  I then start worrying about Forrest, who was sitting in English class at TCC in Tulsa.  I wanted him home now.

The end of the school day rolls around, the roads clear a bit, so I run to the post office to get some stamps.  I reach into my bag to retrieve my wallet, and it's not there.  My wallet apparently got stolen that afternoon.  There was no cash in my wallet at the time, but  there were credit cards,my  license, etc.  Back home I go to place a stop on all my personal items.  I then sit and pout, but am happy that Forrest made it home from school on the bad roads.  He gets a hug.

Not a good day---

It's 10:00 at night.  Monty just walked in the door from his U.P.S. route, (they got him another truck, and sent him back out, because the package delivery show had to go on.)  He gets a hug!

I'm sitting here thinking what a bad day, but trucks and credit cards can be replaced, people cannot.  

I usually  make snow angels when it's a winter wonderland in Oklahoma, but tomorrow I think  I'm going to go out to throw some snowballs, so if you're in my line of fire, you'd better watch out! 

My great grandma came to America on a boat from Norway, and great grandpa came from Sweden...they settled in Wisconsin.  How did I not get a love for snow?  It just didn't happen.  I do like the Packers though~

Be careful out there all!


I bet Tuesdays and Thursdays are just screaming for attention.  They don't seem get much, negative or otherwise.  But, I love Tuesdays.  I'm usually off work and have no grand babies, (as much as I love them all.)  There are five of them, all five years old and younger...those little monkeys keep me running!

On this fine Tuesday, I'm making probably the easiest, but most satisfying dinner ever.  If you like pork chops, which is of course, "the other white meat,"  then you'll love this recipe.  And I'm not kidding.  It is one of the quickest prep-time meals that I have ever made. It takes less than 10 minutes to throw into the crock pot.

You mix one can of cream of chicken, or mushroom, or basically any "cream of" soup you have in the pantry, with a package of dry Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix, directly in the crock pot.  Then toss in 4 or 5 pork chops, put on the lid, and cook on low for about eight hours.  You can also cook it on high for 5 or 6 hours, just until the chops are tender and falling apart.  I serve them with the gravy sauce  over brown rice.  I'm telling you, it is the most scrumptious comfort food dish.  Just add a tossed green salad, some bread, and you have a meal that anyone would think you slaved over a hot stove to prepare.  Well, the secret is out with my family, but they still love it.  I've passed the recipe to my daughters, and I do believe they are still able to fool their husbands.  I told them to just sigh a lot at the dinner table like their exhausted.

If you want to go all out with the Flash Gordon of dinners, and make dessert as well then try this one.  

Mix one box Angel Food cake mix with one can fruit pie filling.  We love blueberry.  Pour it into a sprayed 9x13 pan and bake as per directions on the box label.  I believe it's usually 20 minutes or so.  Serve with Lite Cool Whip topping.  It's moist, sweet, satisfying, and you don't even have to feel guilty about having dessert.  It's one of those, have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too kind of things, because it's not high in calories and fat.

That's it---three ingredients for the succulent pork chops, with maybe 5 minutes prep time, and two ingredients on a home made dessert, with only 5 minutes prep time also. 

I'm going to be able to work on my new book, AND be Suzy home maker in the kitchen today.  Anyone who writes, knows that is an oxymoron!  

Hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday.  Appreciate the little guy.  Tuesdays need love  too. And while you're at it, give Thursday a shout out when it rolls around this week as well!


You need Flash Player in order to view this.
Heart Of Worship (Acoustic Cover)
I've seen Forrest play and sing live, screaming with intensity, before 65,000 people at a Dallas Cowboy NFL halftime.  He's shared the stage with Brett Michaels, and opened for acts such as Alice Cooper, Disturbed, and even legends of rock, KISS  before 35,000 rowdy rock fans in Stockholm, Sweden.  But, truly my favorite memories of him singing have been in our small, hometown church here in Coweta, OK. 

His first music special in front of our congregation was when he was just 11 years old.  That was eight years ago.  I'm very proud of the young man that he has become.  

What a blessing it is to have a son that sings on Sunday morning.


Well, we are all still alive and kickin' on this beautiful Sunday morning.  I'll have to say though, the sun came up and the birds started chirping just a bit too early for me.

Our carbon monoxide monitor was just wearing out.  Monty plugged the new one in and no beeping.  It is quite an uneasy feeling to be groggy and sleepy when you think there may be a possible gas leak in your house.  For anyone reading this that does not have a detector, they are really a good idea.  I did not realize how good of an idea they were until our alarm sounded this morning in the wee hours.

My canary would have survived the night though, and my song bird Forrest's, music special was wonderful this morning! 

Have a blessed day all!


It's 2:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning.  We woke up to the shrill beeping sound of our carbon monoxide detector.  Actually, I had not even gone to sleep yet since I was up watching, "Terms of Endearment" on Netflix (aka, an insomniacs best friend), and had just laid down at around 1:00.  I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest when the alarm went off.

Not knowing exactly what to do, we called our trusty fire department.  They just came out to check for gas levels in our home, but their detector was not functioning properly.  They're going to run back to the station to see if they have another one in working order.

In the mean time, my husband is driving to our 24 hour Wal-Mart to buy a new CO detector to plug in and see if it beeps as well.  

Forrest is suppose to perform the music special in church tomorrow morning, in both the early and late services.  The first service begins bright, and very early at 8:00 a.m.  Looks like we may not be getting much sleep tonight. 

 I hate to say this, but I really wish I had a canary!


I absolutely love to go to Wal-Mart on Valentines Day and watch the multitude of poor, clueless, expressionless men, shuffling their work boots through the isles.  Bless their hearts.  They remind me of zombies methodically searching for fresh flesh, or their case the perfect card, box of chocolates, flowers, etc. to give to their sweetheart.

Our tough Oklahoma country boys...they can toss a bale of hay, or pull a calf like nobody's business---but shoppers they are not.  

I'm sure my husband will join the ranks of the romantic undead after he gets off work from U.P.S. tonight.  I'll reward him with a big spaghetti dinner, salad, garlic bread and fresh baked cookies...yes, you heard me right...we eat garlic on Valentines Day---we've been married for almost 28 years.  Two garlics cancel each other out after a quarter of a century~ 

Happy Heart Day everyone.  Hope your afternoon was filled with love, and speedy gift buying!


I am always excited about the future as dreamers usually are.  I always like to try to be optimistic.  My motto is, "if today is not a good day, tomorrow probably will be."

Five years ago this last month my optimistic personality was challenged greatly.  My sweet daughter Skylar gave birth to my first grand child.  A precious little boy.  Our Eddie Jett angel.  We knew something was not right from the very start.  Eddie Jett had strider, or trouble breathing, especially when he tried to nurse.  Within hours our little guy was transferred to the NICU (or neonatal intensive care unit.)  For a solid month I worked during the day at an optometric practice, and traveled back and forth to Tulsa each and every day without fail, to be by my daughter's side after work.  Skylar was so strong.  She had no choice but to be strong, as a brand new fragile life depended on her from that moment forward.  

Eddie Jett failed to nurse and gain weight so he was fitted with a Mic-Key button in his little belly so that we could tube feed him directly into his stomach.  I quit my full time job and began to take care of Eddie Jett while Skylar continued her job at a law firm in Tulsa.  Needless to say, it was a challenge to deal with all his medical issues, but I was so thankful for our sweet baby, and all the time I was able to spend with him.  Sky eventually quit her job, and began to stay home with Eddie Jett as the doctor visits outweighed her job opportunity. 

 It  took almost two years for a genetic specialist to finally diagnose Eddie Jett with an extremely rare genetic disorder called 1-p36 deletion syndrome.  Our precious baby Eddie did not even make a sound to cry until he was almost three months old.  I remember standing in line at Wal-Mart when my daughter called me to tell me he had started whimpering, and let out a verbal cry.  I stood there with people staring saying over and over, "He's CRYING!!!  Oh my GOSH!! That's so AMAZING!!!!  YEAH Skylar...I'm SOOO happy!!!!"  You can just imagine the stares I got.  We were literally thrilled that he was even making a sound---crying was like music to our ears!

Eddie Jett became a Shriner's baby.  The good news was, he had an incredible genetic specialist---the bad news was, he let us know that Eddie Jett would have this condition for the rest of his life.  Google became my enemy.  There was not much information regarding 1-p36 deletion syndrome, and what was there did not hold much hope for a normal future.  I cried over my lap top many times.  Here's where my optimistic outlook was challenged.  I had to pull myself up by my boot straps, not only for my own sake, but for the sake of my stressed daughter.

Flash forward five years...Eddie Jett is beyond any blessing our family could have ever received.  He has taught us more about patience, faith and hope than anything in our lives had ever done.  What an absolute pure joy he is.  Although Eddie Jett did not even take food by mouth until he was over two years old... he did begin eating---lots. He did not even take his first step until he was over three years old...but now he's practically running.  He did not even murmur his first word until he was three and a half...but now he has a few special words he says (my favorite of which is Ga-Ga), and other than that, he does not have to speak a word.  We know exactly what he wants, when he wants it.  He communicates with us through touches, directional points, a few signs, and most of all, hugs, smiles and laughter. He is so smart, even though he only verbally speaks a handful of words.  He is  utterly our angel from heaven.  Everyone in our family are better people because of our special Eddie Jett.

Eddie Jett loves music.  He responds to it, dances to it, and to Uncle Forrest's utmost delight, "head bangs" to it!  He loves, loves, loves, music.  Forrest is finally returning to the recording studio on March 2nd at David Teegarden's studio in Natura, Oklahoma.  Forrest has quite a few songs that he's been working on, and he feels that it's finally time for him to officially record some demos---southern rock style.  I cannot wait to get a CD and give it the old drive test---to put this disk in my cars player, roll down a window or two and turn it up.  That's the truest test of a songs virtue in my book.

What is most special about the songs Forrest wants to record, is that he is going to be recording them for Eddie Jett.  There is finally a 1-p36 deletion syndrome conference for families of children with the genetic disorder fairly close to home in San Antonio, Texas in August.  Neither Skylar, or Eddie Jett have ever come face to face with another child with this condition.  They are the most precious of little ones.  Since money is tight for Sky, because she can no longer work a full time job in order to take care of Eddie Jett's ongoing medical and daily needs,Forrest has decided to sell the CD for small donations ,and start a fund for Skylar and her family that will help enable them to attend the conference this summer.

This of course, brought Skylar to tears.  What better reason to make music than for his special angel...his heart warming little nephew that lights up any room he enters.  The baby boy that keeps me optimistic, and full of hope each and every day that I live on this earth--music for our Eddie Jett~ 


Just a quick music review from little old me--

Holly Williams---Singer/Song writer
Me, sitting mesmerized in front of the video on CMT.  Sadly enough, it made my mind drift back to my early child hood.  It made me think of my mom and some of what she went through.  Not wonderful, fuzzy memories, but memories that have to be dealt with none the less.   Songs like this are healing.  

Her vocals are raspy and delicate with much history to them, and blend in perfectly with the bass and violin.   She uses her heart to sing.  Holly Williams has found a new fan in me for sure.  Can't wait to hear more from her!


I love music and love, love to watch the Grammys.  It's so great to get to see the many incredibly creative individuals and groups being awarded for their hard work and talent, and many being given the opportunity to make more of the music they love their way---(clears throat....hmm-hmmm...Alabama Shakes!)

The diversity of the award show is great too, with nods to artists like Frank Ocean, to Jimmy Falon, to best new artist Fun, in between...(who had the best acceptance speech, I have to say.)  You gotta love the anthem, "We Are Young," And then there are my dudes, The Zac Brown Band.  What a great guy Zac must be.  Having a special needs grand son myself, I'm so excited to hear more about Camp Southern Ground...I'm on their mailing list.  What a big heart he must have---what a blessing he is.  He knows what it's all about!

My heart skipped a beat for Album of the Year award winners, Mumford and Sons, who never fail to draw me in with their rich, folk artsy sound.  I was cheering for Little Big Town, and thrilled they won the Grammy for "Pontoon."  I'm a huge fan of theirs from the "Boondocks" days.  Any country girl that actually grew up in the boondocks, like me, can totally relate to them---gorgeous harmonies.  The Black Keys are just incredible, of course, but I have to admit, we're Brittany fans in this in Alabama Shakes.  I know we're going to hear much from them in the coming years.  They are 100% r-e-a-l.

But, my Grammy night would not be complete without Miss Taylor Swift.  Her song, "Safe and Sound", with Civil Wars, (who I had the great fortune of seeing in concert this past year at The Cains Ballroom in Tulsa), is haunting, sad, and beautiful.  Is it weird that I feel like Taylor's proud Aunt who brags about her at social functions?  Well, I do!  We are so fortunate to have Taylor as a role model for our young adults---heck, adults as well.  But hey, we still have Lindsay Lohan and Brittany Spears...did I just say that?  Anyway, YEAH TAYLOR! 



Forrest and I  had the most wonderful, inspirational visit to Mission IGC on Thursday.  

When you write a book, a song, anything, it's such an unbelievable honor to have someone actually appreciate your words.  For me, it keeps my fingers on my keyboard and my brain buzzing every night as I think of new and exciting things to write and share.

The kids had great questions.  Some that made me laugh.  One bright eyed student asked if I was a millionaire because I had written and published a book.  I assured him that I was still living in my middle class home with no plans to retire and buy a yacht just yet.  I let them know that most writers and artists do not write, compose songs, paint pictures, etc. for money...they do it for the joy of creating. I let them know that it had been my dream to write a book since I was in my 20's, and if I could achieve my goal and dream that they could too.  Several young, aspiring writers asked me for tips on becoming an author.  I loved seeing the wheels turn in their heads as I told them to just write---to write what they knew and loved---to keep journals and never throw anything away that they wrote even if they did not think it was good enough.

The highlight of the afternoon had to be when Forrest performed a couple songs for the students.  He got to visit with them as well.   Forrest had been in the middle of a whirl wind and large spotlight for years, starting at the age the students were.  He let them know, as they sat on the hard, dusty gym floor without even squirming, that although  he was jet setting around the country, and other parts of the world becoming a rock star that he  still longed to finish high school.  That even though he was meeting famous producers, musicians, actors, etc., and was considered a rising star in the music world, he left it all to finish his education.  He made a tough, but mature decision to give himself more time to just be a kid.  Forrest told them to never give up on what they want to do in life.  To work hard, very hard.  He told them to practice daily the thing they're good at, and if they did  nothing could stop them.  

It was amazing to see the students maul him as the assembly ended.  We signed books, and book marks for the kids for over 30 minutes.  Forrest had gotten used to signing autographs years ago.  I still find it weird, but always oblige the young people.  It was really cool to see Forrest smiling at the students as he shook the hands of the "cool" teen age boys, and hugged the squealing, red faced girls. 

 I was that proud mama, as I watched Forrest sign slips of notebook paper, cell phones, folders, shirts, jeans, and lots of arms and hands.  But most of all, I took pride in the fact that I was sitting by my son, who could have had greater fame and  the world as his oyster years ago---to watch him  interact with the kids with joy and a light in his eyes.  I was proud to know that he made such a mature decision at fifteen years old.  The decision that was best for him.  As hard as that decision was, he was right where he needed to be that day.

 I was so proud to see Forrest encouraging the students, especially in the wake of the young boy that committed suicide at their school just two days before.  It was so healing to be able to laugh with the kids.  It was heart warming to be there at the Intermediate Grade center with all those impressionable minds, and share with them about my book Red Dirt Rocker...a story that's filled with hope for those that might be bullied, or pressured to try drugs and alcohol---a story that shows them they can follow their dreams without giving in to the peer pressure that is so prevalent in our school systems today--- a story that  was based on a real boy who was there with them that day.

 It was such a great visit...and I even got asked to sign some hands and arms with my black sharpie as well! 


It's Wednesday, and I just cannot shake the sadness that's blanketed me.  I figure that if I just start typing that maybe, hopefully, a little heaviness will be lifted from my heart.

So here goes:  I woke up Monday around 6:30 a.m. to the low, rumbling sound of thunder.  I could see through the crack in my mini blinds that the sunrise was masked by a blanket of thick, grey clouds.  Great, I thought, a cloudy, rainy Monday morning.  It's always more difficult for me to roll out of bed on the days when the rays of the  east sun are not filtering through the curtains to greet me.

With hesitation, I left the warm covers and got around for my day.  I sub at the schools often, but Monday was a free day.  I got a cup of coffee and cleaned house for a bit.  I was looking forward to the fact that my newest grand baby, Annabelle, was going to get to come cuddle with me later that afternoon while her mom went to the dentist.  

I popped onto Facebook around 9:00  and my heart sank.  Coweta schools were on  lock down.  Within minutes, I received messages from several friends saying that a student, a young boy, had shot himself in the bathroom at the ninth grade center earlier that morning.  My heart sunk further and I felt sick. I began to pray.  Within hours, the tragic story was out.  By late afternoon the media arrived, and began to speculate as to why this young student took his own life----to put their sensationalized spin on this heart wrenching event.  

There could be  absolutely no way for anyone to fully understand why this student took his own precious life.  The hopeless dialogue in his head, that probably played over and over died with him that day.

I only wish that he could have waited.  I wish he could have gone outside that morning.  I wish he could have sat on the grass, no matter how dry from the bleak winter, to hear the birds still singing in the  barren trees.  I wish he could have closed his eyes and felt the gentle drops of rain on his face.  I wish he could have known that eventually, someone was going to take his hand. Someone with an umbrella just big enough for the two of them to take shelter under.  I wish he could have understood that someone, somewhere was going to give him a knowing smile soon enough.   And  when they did, a sense of warmth, and hope, and love was going to come over him and help heal his broken heart...

I only wish he could have waited--- I wish he could have waited, because the sun came out later that day.

I pray for our young people today.  I hope they know that no matter what storm they're facing, there's someone with an umbrella just  for them---and the sun will come out again.

Much love,


Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!  I'm a 49ers fan from way back.  One of my favorite football players was Jerry Rice.  What a receiver.

Cooking up a storm.  Making roast beef and swiss cheese with horseradish sauce sliders, potato salad, jalapeño cream cheese rolls ups, and a low cal blueberry angel food cake with cool whip topping.  The house smells wonderful.

The guys are excited for the game, and the food.  I love the commercials as well.

Speaking of guys, Forrest is officially in love (again.)  He's quite ready to have a, hopefully long term, relationship with a 1989 vintage, Martin, acoustic sweet heart.  He works at Guitar House of Tulsa a couple of days a week, and called me yesterday to tell me her name!  He said he played her for over 4 hours yesterday and is head over heels! 

Forrest is going to school full time in at TCC in Tulsa, has 15 guitar students that he teaches each week, and works at Guitar House three days a week.  Busy kid.  Most of his paycheck from his job at the guitar shop is spent on more music gear.  He loves the discount, and just cannot help himself.  I guess it would be like me working at a shoe store.  I can't blame him.  I love to hear the excitement in his voice when he gets all worked up about a new pedal, amp, guitar, etc.  The newest member of our household, (a custom Mesa Boogie amp) should be arriving within the next three weeks.

 I'm off to finish the potato salad.  I can't help but think,  there's going to be one happy/sad Mama today after the game.  Bless the mom of the Raven's and 49er's coaches.  Elated for one, yet totally deflated for the other fine young man she raised.  Bless her heart.  But how proud she must be of them both making it to the big dance in New Orleans---just as she should be.

Enjoy the game!

Have a great week,
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