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March 2013


Two years ago my beautiful, younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She is a wife and mother of  two precious daughters in elementary school. 

I am so proud of the battle she waged against the illness.  She never felt sorry for herself, and stayed so very strong through the double mastectomy, chemo, loss of her hair, etc.  She is my inspiration, and my hero.

Yesterday my daughter called me from Tulsa, and said that her Aunt Shannon was on a huge billboard in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  What a gorgeous face, for all to see, to represent a winning battle against cancer!  

I am so proud of my sister, and all who fight!   WINNING!!!!



Guitar House of Tulsa's video of the day~

<iframe src="" width="568" height="320" frameborder="0"></iframe>


Coordination at it's finest.  My three year old grand son, Landon still has to look at his little fingers to make sure he's doing the rock sign correctly.  He is about a year away from beginning guitar lessons with uncle Forrest---Forrest started at four years old as well.  Landon has a miniature guitar at our house and loves to pick around on it.  Music is such a wonderful thing to place in a child's life~

Rock  on little buddy!


What a great celebration we had last night.

Monty and I  crammed into one of our hotel rooms for a couple of hours with tons of food, chocolate cake, basketball on the t.v., three kids, five grand babies, two very good friends that we hadn't seen in a while, and had lots of fun conversation amidst chaos!  Anytime we needed a break, we would just run one of the toddlers down to the lobby, which would give them an exciting ride in the A-Loft Hotel elevator.  Cool music was pipped in.   It also had an awesome, padded, blue ink floor that squished and changed colors as you stood on it.  It's the little things.

The hockey game was fun.  Tulsa didn't win, but exciting non-the-less. 

We love our babies----lol!  Never a dull moment!


Of course the camera found Forrest---little ham head!

Tulsa Oilers---HOCKEY!!

Our family is surprising my husband tonight with a Tulsa Oiler's Hockey game and a night away.  He is turning 50 years old next week! 

I'm right on his coat tails for the half century mark.  It's hard to believe.  I know we both feel like we are still in our 20's in our minds.

Hoping for some good old body checkin' on the glass tonight...and yes, a fight or two would be awesome.  We'll be yelling like teenagers~  

Go Tulsa Oilers!!!


I have hundreds of pictures on my facebook site.  Oh how I love family photos. God put this one of Forrest and Eddie Jett, in front of me today, to share again.

Sometimes all someone needs is a pair of strong, able, warm, caring, helping hands to help set them back on their feet. We've all needed that at times.  So simple... God is love~


We had a fun day at the fishing pond today.  Forrest had the best luck, and caught three nice size catfish.  My three year old grand son Landon even reeled a little perch in all by himself,  Eddie Jett had a fun time playing with the dogs, and even baby Annabelle came down for a bit to say hi, and just be all cute and stuff.

What a blessed day of sunshine in Oklahoma!

FAMILY DAY AT THE OLD FISHIN' HOLE---Even baby Annabelle came down to say hello~


I just finished watching the movie, "Rock of Ages."

I graduated in 1982 and was a rocker chic.  Of course, I loved it.  

One of my favorite parts was when Tom Cruise was singing, Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive," and sang the line, "...and all ya do is think---" and then pointed at the roadies crossword puzzle, and said, "Dalai Lama,"  What a hoot!

Thanks for the fun trip back to the rockin' 80's "Rock of Ages."  I salute you!


My husband is on vacation this week.  My wonderful, amazing, talented, brother-in-law came over and put our new kitchen floor in, and I was not in the least bit nostalgic over the covering of the vintage linoleum that had been there since 1986.  I love, love the wood laminate flooring. 

Our week off has also included a lot of yard work.  Monty is out sweeping up the, deadly-to-the bare-feet, sweet gum balls in the front yard right now.  Beautiful tree---annoying spiny orbs! 

Since it's basically a working vacation week, I've used my crock pot to fix the past three night's meals.  We had pork chops on Sunday, a roast with carrots and potatoes, (dump part of a jar of peperoncini peppers in with roast while it cooks for a nice kick,) and a pot of beans with bacon, that will be accompanied by firehouse cornbread, on for tonight.

One word of advice.  When you place your ingredients in the crock pot to begin the convenient slow cooking sure to PLUG IT IN!  Sorry guys, dinner is going to be an hour late tonight.

Working up a big appetites with lots of spring cleaning!

I like this~  I love making my house a home filled with love and support---I love that my children call our house a home, and know they are always loved~~


This lithograph has some of my favorite things.  Music, birds, flowers, and books.  If only it had a child, it would be perfect!


It's a beautiful day here in Oklahoma!

I just hauled the fire wood off the  porch.  That means no more fires in the fireplace, and a day closer to opening the old swimming hole in the back yard.

Get ready Ms. Jody's little fishies, swimming lessons are just around the sunny corner!

It's going to be a cutie-palooza around here with the five grand babies this summer.  Lots of teeny toddler bikinis, and beach boy shorts and floaties.  I can't wait!

Nothing like spring cleaning.


Happy 50th Birthday Brett Michaels!!!

Your head scarf doesn't look a day over 35!

I met him at Rocklahoma.  Forrest had the honor of singing a duet with him on stage.  What a genuine guy he is!  He was so good to Forrest and gave him lots of interesting advice!

                                              HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRETT!!

Forrest singing a duet with Brett on stage at Rocklahoma---"Aint nothing but a good time!!"


I've been on a clean eating kick for the past couple of months. I've never felt better, but last night we ordered from Mazzio's and I ate 3 of the butter drenched cinnamon sticks. I was tempted to eat more this morning, so I sprayed Windex on them! (I'll let you know how Windex tastes later)

Greek yogurt, Greek yogurt, Greek yogurt.

PIZZA AND PANTERA---Forrest French Fundraiser

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
Forrest French-Introducing Eddie Jett
This is my special needs nephew who we will be sending to a convention in Texas for his condition though your donations and CD sales. Thank you to everybody who is taking part of this wonderful opport...


Forrest began selling his demo CD to benefit our special needs angel, Eddie Jett, yesterday, and sold all 100 of the CD's in 24 hours!!  Proceeds will go to send Eddie Jett, who has an extremely rare genetic disorder called 1P-36 Deletion Syndrome, to a family conference in San Antonio, TX this summer.  It will be such a wonderful social, and learning experience for he and his entire family.  I can just imagine the sweet smiles on his face as he get to meet more special angels like himself. 

Forrest has called in for 100 more to be printed, and should have them in by tomorrow, (pays to have connections...thank you Walt and Mary Murray.)  You can still order them from my site by just clicking on "Forrest French Music" on my Home page, where there is a PayPal account set up.  You can also contact Forrest directly at, or just send us a face book message.

Forrest uploaded a short video of he and Eddie Jett hanging out.  As you can see in the video, Eddie Jett loves pizza and Pantera!  This is a huge deal to us, as Eddie Jett was only able to receive nutrition through a mic-key button inserted in his tummy for the first couple of years of his life, and did not learn to walk until he was three years old.  He is now chowing on Mazzios, and dancing to his favorite bands with the family!  He and his Uncle Forrest definitely have a very a special connection through music.  They are rock buds!

Sweet Eddie is even learning sign language.  The fingers to the mouth, and away like you are blowing a kiss is sign for "thank you."

So, THANK YOU, more than we can say, from our family to yours, for all your support!

God bless,



This made me laugh...especially #4.


Forrest and his work buds at Guitar House of Tulsa have started a video of the day at the center.  Forrest took it one step further and began a video of the day, (in his room) as well. 

He's cracked the code folks.  "How to write a country song."  This tongue-in-cheek demo is pretty right on though.   

It is a scary thing when you realize that your child has inherited your sarcastic sense of humor!

All kidding aside, this is a new song he is working on.  I think it is very hooky!  It is our new jam song. "Some where on the back porch pickin'---it's midnight and the party's still kickin'!"   He worked on the second verse tonight. 

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
Forrest French-How To Write A Country Hit
A little somethin for my fellow country music enthusiasts. We all have to laugh at today's music sometimes. haha! This is also a song I am in the process of writing. Thanks for watchin!


Made lots of beards for the kids, had a great message, fun duck calling contest, and ate some amazing Jambalaya!  

I had lots of request for the cornbread recipe that I made tonight.  It is good stuff!!  Try it with chilli, beans, stew, etc.  It is my family's favorite!


  • 2 cups Bisquick
  • 6 Tbsp. cornmeal
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup milk
Instructions ( Edit )
  1. *Mix Bisquick, cornmeal and sugar together.
  2. *Melt 1/2 cup butter in microwave.
  3. *Add milk and eggs to melted butter.
  4. *Stir.
  5. *Pour milk mixture into Bisquick mixture.
  6. *Stir.
  7. *Pour batter into 8x8 greased baking dish.
  8. *Bake at 350 for about 35 minutes until golden
  9. brown.
  10. Whatever you do, don't forge the honey butter OR yummy jam~
What a fun night---"That's the fact Jack!"


Genesis 27:3 says, " Now then, get your weapons--your quiver and bow--and go out to the open country to hunt some wild game for me.

While growing up as a child, I was a country girl.  My family always had horses, cows, and a wide variety of farm yard animals.  Both of my grandfathers, and my dad, were all big hunters.  I, on the other hand, was an animal advocate which sometimes did not mesh well with the country way of life. 

My sisters and I bottled fed calves one year, and when it came time to haul them off to the stock sale, I was mortified.  My younger sister was rubbing her hands together at the thought of the profit she would receive from the sale of her cow.  I, on the other hand, locked myself in the bathroom after my attempts to talk my dad out of taking my baby, Bandit, to the stockyards, and cried for two solid hours! 

I also,  all but wrestled the shotgun out of my dad's hands one night, while we were making our way home on the 15 mile trek of bad dirt road, after one of my basketball games during deer season.  A gorgeous, white tail buck had jumped out in front of our truck, and booked it across the soybean field in light of a full moon.  As my dad tried to retrieve his rifle from the gun rack, to score some venison, I held firmly to the barrel until Bambi's dad made a clean get away.  Oh, he was mad at me.  We laugh about it now.

Tonight, the youth  has decided to have,  "Duck Dynasty" night at our church.  Not that I disagree with hunting.  It's a way of life, especially in our small town.  I've just never been one to want to go sit in a deer stand at dawn,  or hide behind a duck blind, in a marsh, to watch the carnage.

Truth be told, I love venison.  I just don't want to think about how it got on my plate.

Everyone is dressing up like their favorite character from the show, "Duck Dynasty"-----I don't guess it would be very cool of me to dress up as a member of PETA.   

Obviously, I'm not hosting the duck shoot booth.  My class is setting up a "Build a Beard" table!

Happy hunting....(just don't tell me your stories!)


Last night my dishwasher shot an arc of electrical sparks across the kitchen and died.  It is always such a bummer when appliances go out, the car breaks down, etc.  The unexpected expenses are so annoying.

It did not seem so bad at the time though, because my family and I  were sitting around the dinning room table, eating the most delicious sirloin steaks hot off the grill, along with baked potatoes, salad---you know, that meal lulls you into a hypnotic state of mouth watering bliss.  And, to top it off, the Thunder game was on, and Oklahoma was winning.  After my husband turned the breakers off, in order to avoid an electrical fire, we just went back to eating and cheering.

Reality set in this today, when Monty grabbed the check book, and left for town to buy a new one.  I was just glad that I have two, healthy hands to wash dishes the old fashioned way this morning.

A wonderful, loving family, enough to eat everyday, and being healthy enough to work.  There is always something to be thankful for!

Hope everyone has a great weekend~


It is just amazing how a book can touch your heart, and evoke such strong memories.

I posted this cover shot of, "Where the Red fern Grows," on my f/b last night, and received many "likes," and several heartfelt comments from friends.  Most said, that reading, "Where the Red fern Grows," was one of their favorite elementary school class-time moments.  I know it was certainly one of mine---I even named two of my dad's bird dogs after Little Ann, and Old Dan.

I remember, like it was yesterday, sitting with my fellow, innocent, fourth grade students, in our reading circle, with Ms. Junger.  I recall,  with a lump in my throat, the dreaded afternoon when we arrived at the chapter where Old Dan died of injuries sustained in his heroic battle.  How I cried, sitting on that classroom floor, when Little Ann laid on his grave, and passed as well, of a broken heart.  I thought my heart was going to break in half too!  And then the red fern...sentimental perfection. 

Ms. Junger, was my favorite teacher of all my years in school.  She was so kind, to this painfully shy, and awkward grade school girl, who loved to read.  Thankfully, one of my facebook friends, that I haven't seen in over thirty five years,  let me know that she is on her friends list, and is still teaching in Hawaii.  I am so thrilled that I am going to be able to reconnect with Ms. Junger, and let her know just how much she meant to me.  I am even using her name in my next book, "Rock  Angel."  

Thank you, Wilson Rawls, for writing the best book of my childhood.  The movie was even, partially,  filmed in the lush, rolling hills of Tahlequah, Oklahoma, where my husband and I lived for the first several years of our marriage--gorgeous, Green Country.

Wonderful memories---incredible book!

Happy reading~


My husband and I are blessed to have the Seniors in Sunday School at our church, First Baptist of Coweta .  They are so excited about this coming Sunday night.  We are having, "Duck Dynasty Night."  We will have Cajun food, a duck calling contest, duck shoot, (with  decoys and Nerf guns, of course,) and even a beard growing contest.

Our class is hosting a, "Build A Beard," table.  I have been getting crafty stuff together all week, and trying to figure out ways to make and attach a beard to the face.  I am pretty sure, pipe cleaners are the way to go!

I love that the Duck Dynasty guys were so preppy in school.  They look nothing like they do now.  Those dudes have definitely done things right.  They have a heart for God, and are very successful at the game of life.

I am off to sub at the Jr. High today.  I get to be "Coach French" today for coach that is at a meet.  It is a gorgeous, sunny day, and I get to go walk around the track with the students during class.  It is a tough job...but somebody's got to do it! 

I sure love those kids.  

Have a blessed day all!


My son got the Mesa Boogie amp that he custom ordered from, Guitar House of Tulsa, where he works part time.  He is giddy with excitement.  He cannot wait  to get it home and play LOUD.

Looks like I'll be reading lips tonight if I want to watch a movie or have a conversation with my husband. 

Fun, fun!! 

What's the saying?  If it's too're too old!


You need Flash Player in order to view this.
Snowed in Scatmen
This is what happens when me and my family get snowed in from this crazy snowstorm that hit Oklahoma! It's just a joke but i love it hahaha!

Well, looks like spring is going to be sprung soon in Oklahoma.  We had our first day of over 60 degree weather yesterday.  Everyone tossed their jackets aside for the day.  It was beautiful.  My daffodils are even starting to peek their little green tops out of the ground. 

I'll have to say though, I'm kind of disappointed that we never had a big snow this winter.  We only had the one afternoon,  last month, that it snowed like crazy for several hours, but  the rain came later that evening and washed it all away.  It didn't even warrant a snow day at school.

I was looking forward to Forrest and his sister Skylar's next installment of, "Tad and Stacy."   They made this video during one of our Oklahoma blizzards.  We hadn't left the  house for 4 days solid, except to make a snow fort.  Cabin fever was thick in the air, and Forrest and Sky had watched way too much, "Jersey Shore."

Apparently, Tad and Stacy only come out on snow days.

Maybe next winter---


HAPPY BOY~~3/2013


In 1983, Monty and I went to see Stevie Nicks, during her, "Wild At Heart," tour.  Joe Walsh opened for her.  We are huge Joe Walsh fans.  I remember him coming out playing the National Anthem on his guitar. There was a huge spotlight on an American flag.  He proceeded to tell the packed audience, in the Tulsa Civic Center, that he was running for President.  I think he pulled at least 90 percent of the vote that night---(and if you think I am going to elaborate on this subject, my mama didn't raise no fool!)  Let's just say, I am an American and very proud of it.

Stevie Nicks, on the other hand, forgot the words to some of her songs that she had been singing for a decade, and fell off the stage---I did get the coolest, pink, sleeveless, concert t-shirt though, to commemorate the event.  The things girls remember---

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
Forrest French recording at Digital Natura Studio's
Back at it again! This is gonna be fun!
Thought I'd post another snippet of Forrest's recording session.  There's even a cameo of Mr. Teegarden with his sound engineer.  Check out the "gold records on the wall."  Some unbelievably, amazing, rock-n-roll history there.  

 Have a fantastic Monday morning all!
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