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November 2013


Monty and Forrest got up by 5:00 a.m. to head to the church to help with the heavy lifting (big pans and hot ovens.) 

Getting ready to unload meals for delivery---Our community prepared and delivered over 800 meals for those in need.  It was a beautiful morning.  We were very blessed.

On our way home from Nana and Papa's we drove down to the Arkansas River near the Choska Bottoms where I grew up.  Snapped this jewel from the car.  Aren't Oklahoma skies beautiful? Perfect sight to end a wonderful Thanksgiving Day~


                                 HAPPY PUMPKIN PIE DAY!

Did I ever mention, I live for this stuff?  I borrowed my sister's Pampered Chef mini cookie cutters and made a fancy crust (I wonder if she'll miss them if I slide them in my drawer?)  This is my favorite Eagle Brand recipe---I made twins.  Would it be wrong for me to hide one and eat it all myself this week?                        

                                                  GIVE THANKS

     I have so much to be thankful for on this day.  My hard working U.P.S. husband and son, (who usually only gets one day off a week from school and work) just left to do the, heavy turkey and dressing in the oven, lifting at our church.  We'll be delivering over 1,000 meals to our community early this afternoon.  Then, off to Nana and Papa's for a family meal, in which every dish is made from scratch and with lots of love---we have some women that can cook up a storm in the French family.  

     I'm so thankful for my faith in God, my precious family, my health and even the freedom to express myself in this blog. I've been so very blessed.  Although I'm not a wealthy person, and live a simple life, I'm rich in family.  I only hope that I can be a blessing to others on a daily basis, even if it's just a shared smile.

     Much love to all---enjoy your day, give thanks, and remember...don't wear tight pants!




Flipping through a People magazine yesterday, and had to take a double take---

Seriously, found my son's doppelganger for sure! 

If Forrest ever needs a stunt double, I know the guy...or maybe that should be the other way around.  Mini Matthew McConaughey!

Forrest---Swan Brother's Show --Tahlequah (or is it??)

 Showed this pic of Matthew McConaughey, in my People magazine, to Landon (who is 4) and asked him who it was---he said, "Uncle Forrest."  haha

slap some shades on him and add several years (and maybe a surf board) and viola'---young stunt double for Matthew McConaughey~

Beach McConaughey~

Pool French~  lol

Beanie McConaughey~

Beanie French...ok--you get the point.  This was fun!


This is how my daughter Skylar gets Eddie Jett to follow her around the store when she's grocery shopping.  I'd follow her too!

Love Cheetos!

HE HAS FUN WHEREVER HE GOES~ Happy Thanksgiving grocery shopping!! And don't forget to take your Cheeto breaks!


Man, Good Morning America!  You've been pulling at my heart strings all morning.

First, I woke up to the precious little boy who has leukemia and a wish to be like Batman.  He's dressed up as Batkid, and taking over Time Square as I type!  "Go BATKID!!"

Next, the story of a sweet little guy named Danny, who has a speech impediment, and always wears suits wherever he goes.  A group of older, middle school  football players all came to school dressed in suits to support him because they heard he was getting teased---  One of the fine young gentlemen who was telling the story as they rallied around him was moved to tears!  So was I!

Whew, emotional Monday morning.  Great stories to balance out all the dark news.  Thank you Good Morning America!!

Good Monday morning all~


I've seen my husband cry three times in my life.  His tears were falling on this cold autumn morning.

Monty and Forrest just left to take our precious dog, Cassie to the vet. She gets her angel's wings today~ Very tough,  especially for Forrest. He got her for his 10th birthday. She was his faithful childhood friend, and will be buried right outside his bedroom window.

The most gentle dog, so good with all the babies, and wouldn't even take food from your hand. It was a heart wrenching decision to put her to sleep, but she was completely deaf now and had arthritis so bad she could barely hobble. My Pomeranian, Zeus is going to miss her so.  For the past couple of months, he would run out in the yard to round her up when I would put food out for them, because she couldn't hear me calling them up to the porch.

Everyone love on your dogs today, and make sure to give them warm shelter this winter.  They are our sweet, unconditional friends.

So thankful for our wonderful memories with our pup~ Love our sweet Cass-Cass♥ 

Memories of our sweetest girl, Cassie, laying in the sun being beautiful with her friend Charlie-

“Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us,
 these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them so
 many years of our own lives.”
– John Galsworthy


                            FACE BOOK STATUS THIS A.M.
                     JODY'S ANNUAL F/B --SOAP BOX RANT

I usually keep my status upbeat and cheery, but I have to pull out the soap box for just a moment to vent this morning. This is long, (so you may not have time to invest in reading this.) Most of you know our precious Eddie Jett. He has 1p36 deletion syndrome, which is extremely rare, and has challenged that little guy from the day he was brought into this world.

I'm so proud of Skylar and Jeremy for their unwavering support, care and love for him, not to mention Tari Jo Blankenship, and the rest of his helpers in his special needs class at Southside. What has baffled me this morning is the fact that Skylar has had to take several days this week, dragging him around to Psychiatrist, and Dr.s verifying that he is truly disabled for the Social Security Administration. (Mind you, this amazing, precious kiddo will more than likely never be able to live on his own, and need support from family members, which is fine...we love him and he will forever be innocent, in a sense, of the things that jade us in this world.)

Skylar had to literally run around after him, trying to keep him contained, as, at her first appt., she was rudely told, "you guys can go have a seat now 'please'." as Eddie Jett innocently played near their broken down weight scales. Skylar looked at the snotty receptionist and said, "he does not understand the concept of, "have a SEAT." Clueless Dr.s held up pictures (turtles, etc.) asking him, "what is this?? What is this?? Can you tell me??" Can you stack these blocks into a tower?" and so on and so forth.

Eddie Jett loves turtles, he would probably try to hug one if it was put in front of him but certainly cannot verbalize the term for the little shelled creatures, or understand that it might snap his little fingers if he tried to kiss it. Eddie Jett loves blocks, but cannot build a "tower" as his dexterity skills are affected greatly by his syndrome, (he took his first steps at the age of three.) Most six year olds are in first grade, speaking,reading,dressing themselves, playing T-ball, etc., where Eddie Jett is celebrating his milestones one wobbly step at a time.

Just yesterday, Skylar called me in joyful tears, shrieking and telling me that she asked Eddie what DVD he wanted to watch, and he (mocking his little sister Maddy, who always says this) said in his precious way, "mmm, I dun know!!" I screamed so loud on the phone, so excited about his little phrase, that anyone would have thought I won Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes!!

We usually know what Eddie Jett wants, as our family knows Eddie's special body language,(he has approximately three or four words that he puts his spin on, but it's heartbreaking when he is sick, has a headache, or really wants something, and he cannot specifically tell us. To see him cry, and just point to his head if something scares him or he's not feeling well is gut wrenching.

My point to this long rant is; there are so many who take advantage of our social security system, welfare, etc. So much abuse of government funds by people who just breeze through the system, but I have time and time again listened to Skylar as she tells of the red tape, form after form after form she has to fill out in triplicate, and phone call, after phone call she makes that doesn't get returned. And when it does she's transferred to someone who is clueless as to Eddie's condition, and frankly most don't seem to care. I am more than upset by the way

Skylar and Eddie Jett had to jump through hoops, just so his condition could be verified AGAIN. They made her feel as though she and her sweetest boy were on trial. Skylar is the most incredible mother with two other precious children to care for as well. I'm so proud of how she handles all the responsibility, and loves on those kiddos everyday. (She just called me, and is in the middle of making them pancakes ---and not the microwave version

I"m upset that Skylar had to sit, as a mother, and put up with the indignity of Dr.'s and staff basically rubbing it in her face that Eddie Jett truly has severe issues to deal with, physically and mentally. All they had to do is order, AGAIN, previous records of the countless hospital, and specialist's visits, Shriner visits, therapy visits, and school records (which, they ALREADY have on file.)

I guess they may have assumed that Eddie Jett magically re-grew the tips of his 1p36 Chromosome since they last checked! Parents of these precious children have so much on their plate, so much to deal with each and every minute of every day. There's never even an hour to just be in Zen mode. Bureaucracy is the last thing they should have to deal with.

In conclusion, the receptionist that looked down her nose at Skylar and Eddie Jett, as he toddled around her office (feeling trapped in the room, as he always does at Dr.'s offices) with Sky hot on his trail as usual, telling them they NEEDED TO HAVE A SEAT, was certainly lucky Ga-Ga was not there! I may have just pulled her up out of hers! (Did I just say that?...yep I did.)

Thinking of the families that have special angels this morning, and saying a prayer for you all. May the system be kind to you, and may you get moments of peace. Deep breaths~

Much love and many blessings,


This little guy is my most special Dude!! <3

Ga-Ga and Eddie Jett~


Three years ago next month, just two days after Christmas, I was hit by some news that brought me to my knees.  My little sister sat me in my kitchen and told me she had breast cancer.

After a whole bucket of tears expressed from eyes, I took it to the good Lord and laid it at his feet.  I've never seen anyone overcome such a trying experience with such courage, and faith.

I was her wing man through the whole ordeal, and still remember her actually giving me pep talks at times.  I had to beg her to slow down, (get out of the horse barn) let me take more duties with her two elementary age, precious daughters, and take it easy as she recovered from a double mastectomy.  

Today she is thankfully cancer free and motivates and inspires me every day! 

Happy Birthday to my amazing sister Shannon Puckett Harmon~ Although she's my younger sis (I had to give that one to her on her special day ) I look to her for so much. She is the most, hard working, self-motivated, caring, fun loving, nothing-can-stop-her, beautiful, cancer butt kicker I know!! I cherish our talks, road trips, creative brain storming, and most of all laughs and hugs more than she could know.

So very thankful God gave me you!

She is the pop to my corn, the Thelma to my Louise, the sledge to my hammer, and the sun to my shine!

Love my sister--my hero!


The temperature dropped to "chilly" status today, so I decided that a big old pot of "chili" would hit the spot.

I had a little kitchen helper.  Landon helped me make Scott's Firehouse Cornbread.  I've shared the recipe before, but just in case you missed it, it's definitely worth a re-post.  It is goooo-oood, (said Cousin Ed style.) 

The recipe is as follows:

2 cups Bisquick                             *Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, and
1/2 cup melted butter                 pour into a greased (I used spray) 8x8
1/2 cup sugar                                pan.  Bake at 350 degrees for 20 or 25
1 cup milk                                      minutes, just until top springs back
2 eggs                                             to the touch.  Butter and devour!!!!
6 tbsp corn meal
(I us Jiffy Mix)
______ _______

My little kitchen elf Landon helping make the cornbread.  The little guy is only 4 years old and is already reading some on his own and doing simple math---he keeps me straight!

Two thumbs up for Scott's Firehouse Cornbread!  And yes, that is his glow-in-the-dark spider on the table.  We'll be lucky if it doesn't show up in the pan. 


I finished the redo on my dining room set.  I like to re-claim things, and one of the chairs that sits around my table was $10.00 from The Salvation Army store---another is from a corporate sale at The Marriott Hotel in Tulsa for $15.00.  I drive my husband crazy when I drag these things home, and say, "just'll see." 

I really like how the harlequin pattern turned out on the table top.  Forrest measured and taped off the diamonds for me.  Thank goodness for his math skills...yeah college calculus classes and engineering courses.  It made me happy that he was excited to help me create something new out of our old 1990's furniture.  Even my husband liked the way it turned out---"SEE!"

My 1990's shaker style dining set had to go!  It was still in great shape though, so I decided to transform the finish only.

I love the harlequin pattern on the table top.  I used green leaf latex paint, a glaze in the lighter green diamonds, and then antiqued the entire surface with walnut stain.

My husband Monty using his gift of height to Kilz over my 1988 "vintage" mauve colored wallpaper. 

Olive green walls, re-painted dining set, and bar stool, painted mirror, and a little funky fabric helped to pull together a new, fun space for our family to make new memories~

Hmmmm---what can I paint next??

The Food Network and Pumpkin Pie!

I've been watching The Food Network this morning--- all the Thanksgiving inspiration. I'm getting ready to make a pumpkin pie. Not that I'm dying for pumpkin pie and am going to eat (almost) all of it myself, I just think it's a good idea to make a practice run. Quality control for when the big day arrives next week you know. Yeah...that's it.


It could not have been a prettier Fall day for an outdoor birthday party.  In Oklahoma, it's always a toss up this time of year.  It could be 80 degrees and sunny, partly cloudy, snowy, rainy, windy, or a combination of all of thee above.  I love Will Roger's quote, "If you don't like Oklahoma's weather, wait a minute."

Well, we got almost 77 degrees, sunny, and enough breeze to gently rattle the turning leaves in the trees (I love that sound.)  It was back yard party time the entire afternoon.  Miss Annabelle had a wonderful first birthday, and stayed awake and smiling for the entire celebration.

Definitely, nothing better than getting family together!  T-minus 29 days and counting until the next grand baby celebration!

Sweetest one year old!  Our littlest slice of pumpkin pie, Annabelle

She partied her leggin's off!!

                     Punkin' chunkin'--this kept them busy for 30 minutes!

   Sweet Eddie Jett spinning his cousin Landon on their new tire swing~

                   Landon and I got new frames...and I got braces!!!


WHO'S ready to party?? Me-meme! 

Ready for Annabell's first birthday party tomorrow.  I get totally get obsessed by party planning!  I knew painting my dining room door chalk board was going to give, hmm-mmm (me) the kids hours and hours of fun.  I may just paint my whole living room with chalk board paint!  I started to write, Happy Birthday and an hour later...

Can't wait for our special little girl's day tomorrow.

I get obsessed with these things!

Whooo's ready to party??  These little guys kind of look like they're saying, "please don't eat us..."  You're chocolate---no chance!


Apppaaarently, even though it's Fall and the foliage is still vibrant and viable, Honor Heights Park in Muskogee is closed (because they're hanging Christmas lights!)

Soooo, we traveled all the way there with five kids, dressed up and squirming, just to be halted by two giant, wooden, candy canes at the entry way...which I did not think was very festive at the moment!!! The girls and I planned this trip for two weeks, coordinating outfits, props, snacks, etc.  I should have called the squirrels to check to see if they were opened before we traveled from out of town! I totally related to Chevy Chase in "Vacation."  The candy "bara-canes" were not cute.  If I had only been packing a squirt gun, we would have totally taken that park over!

Luckily, my sis has a beautiful ranch in Muskogee, so we took our baby posse to the farm and snapped away! Whew---what a day!  And a big shout out to Faith's horses---they always cooperate in our photo shoots...they're models!

Say "Sweeeeet feeeeed!"  My sister's horses are a friendly lot.

"A big shout out to Jesus for the puppies!"

Our little Landon is an adorable character!

Precious Davis chick-lettes

I promise no puppy was squished or harmed during our little photo shoot---I got in trouble for calling Landon's puppy fat---he said I could hurt it's feelings and make it cry. I had to change my adjective to "chubby." 

Fun, impromptu visit to the ranch for some sweet photos.

Baby girl Fall hair bands and clippies~~

I made my G-baby girls hair bands and clippies for Fall pictures.

Baby Annabelle is going to be modeling the mini-mum headband, while Clara Jane and Maddy will be cutie-patuties in the orange and yellow poppy clips.

Heading to Honor Heights Park in Muskogee tomorrow after work for an Autumn photo shoot with the kids.  Should be sunny and crisp with a 100 percent chance of adorable!

What a beautiful time of the year to snap some photos.

Do you like my model?  Her name is Jenna! 


Honoring Veterans in my thoughts and prayers today.  For all those that are currently serving and those that have served in the past, especially my handsome son-in-law, Caleb Chapin, (who did two tours of duty in Iraq) and my amazing dad, Jimmy Lee Puckett (who has two Purple Hearts as a Vietnam Vet).

So proud and thankful for all you do! 

Caleb Chapin---U.S. Army Veteran, and father of two of my precious grand children.  Salute!


Monty and Forrest went out with our Sunday School class this afternoon to the Coweta paintball field, and came back with several pock marks, scrapes and bruises.

I paint-doored (and paint-dog housed) and received zero injuries. Score me!

Can you tell which one was charging and which one was retreating?  

I'd rather paint with a brush than a gun! Putting an antique stain on the door tomorrow.  

Love red doors~

THE PETE HOLME'S SHOW~ 3rd time is the charm

My heart has always belonged to Conan O'Brien.  Any man that can strut his stuff in skin tight jeggings in front of a national audience is a winner in my book.  But who is this Pete Holmes?

I was a little skeptical of "The Pete Holmes Show" after spending 30 minutes on my couch viewing the premier.

After the first show---"Ehh?"
Second show---"He's kind of adorable."
Third show---"He's adorable and I like how his brain works!"  Very,very funny stuff!  His father, from Boston Massachusetts, answering machine message was incredible---Now if we can just get Pete into a pair of jeggings.

"Conan" and The Pete Holme's Show.  A night owl's dream!

Discovery Channel and Big Foot

Sitting here watching  a very interesting documentary about the deep sea on The Discovery Channel.  An advertisement for "Finding Bigfoot," the new season, came on proceeded by a graphic  that read, "Animal Planet---Surprisingly HUMAN."

EXACTLY Discovery Channel...EXACTLY.  Sheesh!!


Forrest played in the praise and worship band last night for our community's Trunk-or-Treat at First Baptist Church.

The band all dressed as disciples.  One of his best friend's dad, Judge Doug Kirkley, dressed as Gene Simmons, and our friend Steve dressed as Dee Snider!

John, Gene, and Dee---what a crew! 

Forrest having fun as a rockin'-disciple!

Jesus rocks!


Another fun memory making Halloween at the French house.

I think my favorite part was seeing Annabelle wear the same costume that I made her mama 23 years ago, on her very first Halloween---two generations of adorable-ness! 

I hope everyone had a safe and fun time.  I'm off to take a midnight ride in the starry night sky! 

Warm up the broom!! Getting ready to give my sis Shannon a ride home.  And I love the little photo-bomber, my niece Avery~

My daughter Skylar with my grand daughter Annabelle on her first Halloween.  They are holding a picture of me and Sky wearing the exact same costume that I made for Skylar when she was a year old!  Made me teary eyed.  I'm a sucker for sentiment.  Gotta love the udder treat bag! It says "MOO"

With my cute little witch, Clara Jane and my funny bird, Landon~They are already eating the chocolate from my trick or treat bowls :)

Papa taking a break from painting to fight with the Incredible Hulk Eddie Jett--the happier he gets the more powerful he gets!!! 

Annabelle smiling so sweetly on her first Halloween with her brother the Hulk. Eddie loved the hands...he punched me right in the jaw right before this pic was taken! 

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