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September 2014


Had the best day at the Tulsa State Fair watching my young niece show her pony Lightening Bug in Western Halter and English classes. She did such a wonderful job in showmanship.

I'll have to say, I was most proud when little Lightening got spooked in the ring in the last English Class and bucked slightly, dumping her off in the ring. It could happen to anyone on a given day, (I've been bucked off my share of horses) but the way that sweet little 10 year old girl held her composure in the middle of the ring after the incident was amazing. She popped right up and held her reins, regaining full control of the situation.

There were a few tears that leaked from her eyes and smudged her show make-up  as we hugged her up after, but in true Cowgirl form she put a smile on her beautiful little face.

She will be back in the saddle, with her chaps on, to ride Lightening Bug in tomorrow's Western Classes. 

Get back on the bike, get back in the saddle...always dust yourself off and get up!



My oldest daughter was with her two pre-school age children at Burger King having lunch today, when they were told a random stranger wanted to buy them ice cream when they were finished with their meal.

As you can see, the act of kindness in the form of vanilla swirl cones put two big smiles on these sweet children's faces and made their day.

When my daughter left Burger King, she purchased two cookies and asked the staff to give them to the next two kiddos that came into the restaurant.

I'm happy that the world chose to smile on her family today with an act of kindness, but more than that I'm even happier that she chose to continue the chain of giving, with 4 precious sets of peepers watching and learning.

~That best portion of a man’s life, his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love. – William Wordsworth


I'm back at my part-time job as a substitute teacher for Coweta schools, and today was my first day at Heritage Intermediate which is 4th-6th grade.

It was wonderful as usual to see all the smiling faces, get hugs, and hear the occasional, "yeah, it's Mrs. French!"  The students never fail to brighten my day with their unfiltered enthusiasm for life.

Today, I was thrilled to see my book Red Dirt Rocker was still in the hands of so many middle school boys.  With page markers in place they held it up proclaiming their love for my book baby!  I could not have more proud, and honored.

 Red Dirt Rocker is part of the Renaissance Accelerated Reader Program, so the students can read it, and take a comprehensive test which includes several questions about the story.  Points are compiled and go toward a certain reading goal for each child.

When I set out to write Red Dirt Rocker, I was a bit nervous about writing it in first person from a boy's perspective, but seeing a 6th grader with a Coweta Tiger football jersey on light up as he tells me how much he's enjoying the story sure makes my day! 

The kids  at school inspired me in a great way to continue plugging away on my new book, Rock Angel .  I absolutely cannot wait to finish it so my middle school friends can have it in their hands!

This just made my day perfect!  To see my book, with library stickers and worn out pages, on the desks of middle school students, and to hear them say how much they have enjoyed reading it is such an honor!  What an inspiration~

Surviving the Empy Nest~

It was a beautiful day in Stillwater, on the Oklahoma State University Campus. My husband and I had a wonderful visit with our youngest child, Forrest. 

After three weeks of uncontrollable crying outbursts at the site of any mushy commercial, or the sound of every heart-string-tugging song on the radio (do not get me started on the morning I heard Stevie Nicks, "Landslide") I'm finally able to keep it together.  I can now walk into the empty bedrooms of my house without feeling like my heart is going to stop beating.  

From the moment my children were born, I was M-A-M-A...home room mom in my children's classes, involved in PTA.  I coached my daughter's cheer leading squads and basketball teams in grade school, and basically was the loudest in the stands at my son's baseball and football games.  I elbowed my way to the front row of all of his concerts, and bumped my way across the country with him, on a tour bus, with a huge plastic tub of school books so as to tutor him through his Freshman year of high school. 

All of the jobs I took were conducive to Mom status.  I taught pre-school, so my children could be in class with me, or just down the hall.  I conducted swimming lessons in my back yard so my munchkins could float around me, and eventually become my paid helpers.

One of my best high school friends became an optometrist, and I went to work for him  because he understood how important my children were to me, and always said, "go" so I rarely missed a tip-off, kick-off,music show or  tour.  It was a smart move making my future boss God Father of my oldest daughter when she was born, huh?  Mom strategy 101~

I look back and know how very blessed I was to have my children so close to me.  I made mistakes and would have done a few things a bit differently, but I shared in their laughter daily and was there to wipe their tears when they cried.

I realize now, I'll have more time for writing, I can keep my house spotless, the food lasts longer in my fridge, I have less laundry, and can even run around the house naked at will but, the Good Lord knew I would not do so well with this total empty nest thing, so He provided me with 4 precious grand children before total abandonment occurred.  

My nest is still nicely feathered and only part-time empty.  I can fly away for the day to visit my sweet, free grown up birds, and bring back (gummy) worms for my precious g-baby chicks who are under my wing several days a week. 

Perching on a branch to watch my young ones free fall in an unsure manner at first was gut wrenching but, to see them soar in flight on their own is thrilling!  

Wonderful visit with the best tour guide on OSU's, Stillwater campus.  I brought he and his house mates home made chicken and dumplings and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  Once again, Mom Strategy 101,on "How to always be welcome in your grown children's lives"~

My two favorite creations on earth---the Colorado Rockies and my three precious children:  Jessica 26, Skylar 25, (they were Irish twins) and Forrest, 21.  I thank God for them.
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